Sustainability is the future

Sustainability is the future of our planet, and it concerns each of us in our daily actions.

At Bartolini 1938 we have embarked on a path to reduce less advanced chemistry in our processes, to integrate activities and controls that reduce the most polluting chemicals into our production cycles.

We are 4Sustainability certified and we participate in the “ZDHC – Roadmap to Zero” Protocol. We join the BCI Better Cotton Initiative platform, a worldwide project that involves the entire cotton fiber supply chain, from sowing and harvesting to sale to the final consumer, with the aim of intervening to improve the economic and social conditions of farmers and for a commitment to the rationalization of natural resources linked to the cultivation of this fiber.

Greater use of ecological fibers with GOTS certification or natural fibers such as cruelty free silk, or mulesing free or RWS certified wool, absolute respect for human rights within our production chain, attention to avoid waste in the consumption of raw materials, enhance the materials actually coming from pre- and post-consumer recoveries, fibers from farms that respect the charter of animal rights: all of this interpreted in our designs without the creativity being ever limited.